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OPzV Series Battery


The OPzV series batteries are the newly products which were developed in middle of 2006. The performances meet the standard DIN40742


Gelled electrolyte, no flow, no leakage or no gradation of sulfuric acid.

The positive plate is tubular plate, which can effectively prevent the active materials from falling off.

PVC-SiO separator, which is special for gel battery with tiny holes. The separator has high volume porosity, low electrical resistance and excellent wettability

Maintenance-free during the whole service life. Low self discharge rate

Proof against deep discharge according to DIN 43539 T5


Telecommunication equipment

Electronic instruments

Fire alarm and security devices

UPS power supply Solar power system Wind power system

Technical parameters

Environment temperature:

-20℃ ~50℃

Environmental temperature for best utilization:

25℃ +5℃

Float charging voltage:


Cycle charging voltage:


Equalization voltage:


Temperature adjustment coefficient:

-3mV/℃ /unit

Max charging current:

0.20C A 10

Design service life:

20years(20℃ )

Self-discharge rate:

less than 40% after 2 year stroage at 20℃

Recover performance after deep discharge:

The battery can be recharged to 95% of therated capacity after 12-hour deep discharge

The gas recombination efficiency exceeds:

Less than 40% after 2-year storage at 20℃

Additional information:

- Weida Datasheet

Additional Information

Battery Types OPzV
Price ฿3,509

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