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GoodWe’s GW50K-MT inverter is ideal for medium to large-sized distribution projects, especially for large-scale commercial roofs and farm plants. The range boasts advanced topology and innovative control technology to achieve a maximum efficiency of 98.8%, aiming at maximising long-term returns and profitability for the system owner.

Technical Data

GW50K-MT Inverter
PV String Input Data   
Max. PV power(W) 65000
Max. DC Input Voltage (V)
MPPT Range (V) 200-850
Start-up Voltage (V)*4 200
MPPT Range for Full Load (V) 520-800
Nominal DC Input Voltage (V 620
Max. Input Current (A 30/30/20/20
Max. Short Current (A) 38/38/25/25
No. of MPP Trackers 4
No. of Strings per Tracker 3/3/2/2

AC Output Data(on-grid)

Nominal Power Output (W)   5000
Max. Output Power (W)  55000, 57500@415Va
Max. output apparent Power(VA) 55000, 57500@415Va
Nominal Output Voltage (V) 400, 3L/N/PE or 3L/PE
Nominal Output Freqency (Hz) 50/60
Max. Output Current (A) 80
Output Power Factor ~1 (adjustable from 0.8 lending to 0.8 lagging)
Output THDi  (@Nominal Output) <3%


Additional information: - Goodwe GW50K-MT Inverter Technical data

Additional Information

Inverters by kW 30 to 50 kW
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